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I am an international intuitive healer, spiritual teacher and coach. I help my clients to take better care of their mind, body and soul.

I believe that when you look after YOU and your well-being, your life will flourish.

With the intensity on modern life, we can easily become disconnected. Ann-Marie warmly invite you to connect with me and advantage of my expertise for reducing stress and gaining more deep relaxation, more energy, compassion and creativity

So what does that mean exactly? Every Soul Counselling session is truly unique. Using my soul’s guidance, I intuitively connect to your own personal energy field and am able to identify energetic blocks that are holding you back. These blocks can exist at the physical level or on the subtle levels. Once these blocks are identified, they can be released to bring about physical, emotional, mental and spiritual freedom. Over the last 20 years, I have studied various forms of energy and spiritual healing such as Reiki, Seichem, Divine Healing, Hypnotherapy, Regression and Past Life Regression to mention a few. I have also studied transpersonal psychotherapy, counselling and life coaching.


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I incorporate a combination of healing therapies and intuitive guidance to facilitate personal healing and spiritual growth.

Key areas of work success include anxiety, depression, bereavement, relationship issues, fertility, weight-loss and loss of direction in the flow of life.

I am immensely discreet and highly professional in facilitating change in my clients’ lives. Many of life’s challenges are held within our emotional and mental bodies, which form part of our Aura. It is my belief that over half of all healings occur without having anything but a positive thought. What we think and believe creates our reality, if we change our thoughts, we change our lives. I can see pockets of trauma and experience that lie within the Aura and can gently work with your personal DNA to release stagnant energy, which brings immediate relief and forms the foundation of positive change. Although I work on deep-rooted issues with clients, I also sees many clients who wish to experience my loving healing vibration through reiki and other healing treatments to relax and unwind.

I regularly see clients in my Healing Room in London. I also have many clients around the world with whom I connect regularly online. Healing transcends time and space to bring about deep personal transformation regardless of location.


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Soul Counselling re-connects people not only with their hearts and but also with their soul to bring about a deep knowing of one’s Authentic Self.

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