Acknowledge yourself for how far you have come instead of how far you think you have to go.


Welcome to January! Welcome to 2015!

I have to say I really love New Year. I love the endless possibilities that lie ahead. The anticipation of the unknown, of the open road…

However this week, back to work so to speak has been interesting to say the least. So many of us are nervous, doubting ourselves, thinking change will not come. Happiness and fulfillment is always that step just out of our reach.

I have spent years, a lifetime really feeling not worthy, not good enough. Finally through much healing and self examination I have reached a place of happiness and joy. Joy in every day life, a happiness of being. It is through this self acceptance and inner joy that I am able to fulfill my life’s purpose of helping others do the same.

So many people are wondering what they are “here” for? What their purpose on this earth is?

Well I say what if there was a tool that helped us to know?

Well there is… It is very accurate tool, very accurate and calculated system that uses the innate energies lying within our souls to map out our life’s purpose.

It was channeled in the 1970’s and is called Soul Plan or Soul Contract. It pivots on the sound vibrations in our birth-names to produce a precise informative “map” of our Soul’s purpose in this lifetime.

I use this tool in my practice to help clients become aware of the plan their soul has for their journey in this lifetime. It is without a doubt immensely accurate.

The experience of Soul Plan Enlightenment is an extremely powerful one. Upon identifying life lessons and natural talents, a person is able to use this knowledge to steer their life’s path towards the goals they would like to achieve and ultimately for many people bring the opportunity to fruition of achieving their soul’s destiny in this lifetime.

For many people Soul Plan Enlightenment facilitates a remembering or acknowledgement of ‘something’ they have always known or felt. They feel able to explain certain life themes or recurring patterns.

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