Ann-Marie is truly beautiful, when I first met her, I knew she was special.

Endlessly encouraging, she was like a beacon of light and hope to me and soon my own sense of hope began to grow too.

As beautiful as Ann-Marie is, she is strong, she is courageous in how she works.

Issues and lifelong traumas are dissolving and clearing so quickly and I am so thankful.

I highly recommend Ann-Marie as everything you could want in someone to “hold your hand” through the toughest times, and take you out of fear, bring you into pure love, and set you free to be the person you always knew you could be.

A.McC. London

Ann-Marie has been my spiritual guide for nearly 3 years. Her power to heal, her ability to connect, and her desire to truly help have helped me time and time again during difficult points along my journey. She has taught me to cultivate a stronger sense of being as well as develop my feminine power. In addition to our hour-long sessions, Ann-Marie takes the time to follow up with additional healing messages, meditations, and other tidbits I can rely on my well-being list. I  am thankful that she is a part of life.

D.G Miami, USA

I met Ann-Marie a few years ago after a recommendation from a friend.  When I first met her I felt an instant connection and as if I had known her forever, I felt comfortable with her and as if I could open my soul to her.  The openness I felt set me up for the most amazing healing experience and soul plan.  The soul plan was spot on and so interesting, her attention to detail is excellent and she presented the information in a gentle way that was easy to understand.  Her healing is like magic, I have had many sessions with her some in person and some via Skype which is just as powerful as if she were right next to me.  She has helped me tremendously on my spiritual path and I am so happy to share the journey with her by my side guiding me.

N.B. Monaco, France

It is challenging to articulate what Ann-Marie has done for me. I first met her after the birth of my second child. I had some long-standing issues that threatened to derail both my personal and professional life. I felt blocked and defined by them.

Ann-Marie helped to heal my soul. She allowed me to see things differently, she is compassionate and wise. I feel so much better in myself. I am infused with love, more patience and awareness. I would not contemplate not seeing her regularly for a Soul MOT!

A.N. London

Ann-Marie was introduced through recommendation by a friend. It was a time I needed healing because I wanted to be saved from family trauma. I needed counselling. I tried most things like seeing a psychologist but I felt they were only one or two dimensions ways of healing myself.  I needed more from somewhere or someone else but I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for until I met her. Suddenly I am introduced to Ann-Marie, through a friend, and I agree to see her. I make a call with an open heart and book a meeting. My life has transformed since I met her. I don’t believe that things are coincidental; I believe in fate, free will and more to life than what meets the eye. I’ve always been someone naturally open to possibilities. My spirituality has naturally grown during the years and I believe I met her at a time when it was right, for me. I think that’s an important point, you need to be ready and at a certain point in life when you decide to be Ann-Marie’s client.

If you are someone who has an understanding of (or are open to) the concept of karma, soulmates, past lives or holistic healing then this is for you.  She opens your mind to understand more through one-to-one counselling, healing, and spiritual guidance. She has a very special gift to fix people, or rather souls, with her own unique technique. It’s not simply reiki, or therapy, or past life regression; it is a combination of many spiritual healing practices interwoven in a unique way together. Each session feels different, some are more intense than others. If I were to explain one particular session my words wouldn’t do it justice. It was just so personal that let’s just say I felt an almost outer body experience that left me with tears of joy and sadness at the same time. Ann-Marie has remarkable insight and talent to heal and give you self-belief, strength, self-love and foresight to trust your intuition.

I’ve been seeing her for over a year now. She simply has changed my life. I’ve always struggled to be a better person and I was never quite there before I met her. I would disappoint myself often or make bad decisions. But in the last year, I can honestly say, because of Ann-Marie I am the best version of myself. I’m empowered, strong and fearless. I see things in such a different light – with only love. I’ve seen and felt a slow transformation within myself. Friends notice the difference and I don’t tell many people because many just wouldn’t understand my experiences. But let’s just say she’s like my secret little weapon.

H.P. Dubai, UAE

Ann-Marie’s sessions are quite simply amazing, they will leave you feeling like you have been totally reset, a calmer, healthier and more whole version of you. The results for me have been incredible and I recommend her to EVERYONE! She is one of Earth’s Angels. 

M.M London

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