Cords are etheric attachments to our aura that bind or connect us with a person, object or situation. They create a sense of stress and strain in our being. They can also create obsession and obligation.

If you are feeling drained or obligated in a certain situation or relationship, you probably have cords attached to your aura. Some cords are past life ones, which you have still not cleared. And if those relationship patterns are still here with you in this lifetime, then you will create the same pattern over and over again until you clear the karma

Irritation or sadness thinking of a certain time or episode in your life, also means there are attachments to your aura. Especially if you have had any tragedy or trauma, the cords will be very heavy. You may also not be able to get over the passing away of a deceased loved one. That’s because the energy fields between you still have not been cleared.

Cord cutting is healthy in order to keep your energy clear and free.

If you are worried about breaking the relationship with a person don’t, because only negative and fear based cords get removed. Cords based on mutually beneficial relationships will not get removed and the relationship will not get affected. Cords are not just based on people, they can be based on situations and objects that people are attached to.

Emotional cords can be caused by divorces, separated couples, unable to recover from a break up. Cords always carry negative emotions such as ego, fear, hurt, unforgiveness, anger etc.

Simple calling and praying to Archangel Michael will help. He has a heavenly sword which is for this purpose. He will remove all fear attachments from your aura. Whenever, you work with any angels, just ask them to do the thing for you and the greatest good of all concerned. Surrender. It will be done.

This short but effective exercise is best done it at least once or twice a month, to keep your relationships healthy. You will feel lighter and more in control of your personal power. Don’t worry if some relationships end because of this exercise, they only happens if they were not serving you any good purpose.

Remember cords once cut can come back again. So you will need to repeat this exercise often.

For difficult situations or relationships it is best to seek the support of a healer who can help you deeper with releasing deep-rooted painful emotions.