Divine Healing is an advanced form of Healing using pioneering methods and techniques which harness and identify core issues and programmes which are ready to be healed. It enables the quick and effective identification and clearing of deeply held core patterns which can free your life force for greater health, vitality, connection and well-being. Divine Healing enables you to come into wholeness. You will experience profound transformational healing as the many layers of imbalances and programs are cleared and healed, enabling you to connect more deeply with the Divine.

It accesses and clears your soul records and soul programmes. It frees inherited ancestral patterning, unresolved past life issues, hidden ego agendas, sabotages and conflicts. It also clears blocked energy in the subtle bodies and chakras, fear programs, interference energies including entities, physical, mental and emotional imbalances.
Divine Healing works at a DNA level to generate profound growth.

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