In times of stress it is essential to go within, go into your heart centre

So many of my clients and people I meet at the moment are struggling with balancing a hectic work and social life and at the same time embarking on a profound spiritual journey.

This Christmas period is amplifying the intensity of every experience we are having. All the doubts that we have about ourselves, all the fears that we hold, every single thing that in any way rocks our core seems to be popping up into our consciousness looking for attention! Christmas is such a strange time of the year for many people. Whilst it is exciting with the the gorgeous lights, festive music and party invites, it is a time that we can feel lonely, insecure and in general unsure of ourselves.

I invite you to take a few moments to yourself each day.

Close your eyes. Focus on your breathing.
In your minds eye, visualise your beautiful heart,radiant strong and full
Repeat the affirmation “I AM MY HEART” over and over and over until you are filled with peace and love

Although a very short and simple exercise, this affirmation is an immediate link with your heart centre.

When we are in our heart centres, our minds have no voice. We are touching our Divine Essence, our Divinity.

I urge you to try this beautiful easy technique. You will immediately notice a difference.

Much love,

AM x