Your original birth name is a blue print or map that identifies the journey your soul has chosen to experience in this current lifetime.

Soul Plan Enlightenment uses the sound vibration and energy behind your name, to determine your complete ‘Soul Contract’; your Soul Signature in this lifetime.

For each person Soul Plan Enlightenment identifies:

•Specific life lessons or challenges
•Natural talents
•Life goals/ dreams
•Ultimate soul destiny/life purpose

The experience of Soul Plan Enlightenment is an extremely powerful one. Upon identifying life lessons and natural talents, a person is able to use this knowledge to steer their life’s path towards the goals they would like to achieve and ultimately for many people bring the opportunity to fruition of achieving their soul’s destiny in this lifetime. For many people Soul Plan Enlightenment facilitates a remembering or acknowledgement of ‘something’ they have always known or felt. They feel able to explain certain life themes or recurring patterns. A Soul Plan session is deeply empowering and liberating.

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