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Reiki is an ancient healing therapy originating in Japan and probably the most well know energy healing worldwide. Over the years many different strands of Reiki have developed.  Reiki rebalances the energy flow of the physical and subtle bodies. It is a non invasive therapy that promotes immediate relaxation and well being.  However, Reiki penetrates deep and operates at a cellular level. I have been qualified as a Tera-Mai Reiki and Seichem Master-Teacher for since 2005. Please click here to see my lineage.

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Your original birth name is a blue print or map that identifies the journey your soul has chosen to experience in this current lifetime.
Soul Plan Enlightenment uses the sound vibration and energy behind your name, to determine your complete ‘Soul Contract’; your Soul Signature in this lifetime.
For each person Soul Plan Enlightenment identifies:
•Specific life lessons or challenges
•Natural talents
•Life goals/ dreams
•Ultimate soul destiny/life purpose
The experience of Soul Plan Enlightenment is an extremely powerful one. Upon identifying life lessons and natural talents, a person is able to use this knowledge to steer their life’s path towards the goals they would like to achieve and ultimately for many people bring the opportunity to fruition of achieving their soul’s destiny in this lifetime. For many people Soul Plan Enlightenment facilitates a remembering or acknowledgement of ‘something’ they have always known or felt. They feel able to explain certain life themes or recurring patterns.
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divine healing

Divine Healing is an advanced form of Healing using pioneering methods and techniques which harness and identify core issues and programmes which are ready to be healed.It enables the quick and effective identification and clearing of core patterns which can free your life force for greater health, vitality, connection and well-being. Divine Healing enables you to come into wholeness. You will experience profound transformational healing as the many layers of imbalances and programs are cleared and healed, enabling you to connect more deeply with the Divine.
It accesses and clears your soul records and soul programmes. It frees inherited ancestral patterning, unresolved past life issues, hidden ego agendas, sabotages and conflicts. It also clears blocked energy in the subtle bodies and chakras, fear programs, interference energies including entities, physical, mental and emotional imbalances.
Divine Healing works at a DNA level to generate profound growth.
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pl regression

Discovering your past lives is a fascinating way to understand who you are not only as a person but also as an immortal soul living a human life. It enables you to heal the present through the past and can bring great inner peace.

A past-life regression recalls scenes, feelings and memories from another lifetime that one has lived as though it were happening now. You create a focus or intention for the session. This is followed by guided meditation and deep relaxation, which enables you to access important subconscious memories from this lifetime or another. The subconscious, in its infinite wisdom, will selectively reveal what is appropriate and healing for your current life situation.Regression is about discovering and reliving earlier experiences in this lifetime that have caused present complaints and conditions.

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Regression explores forgotten, ignored or repressed experiences, that have their origin in this current lifetime, that may be bothering you. Regression also reactivates positive feelings, forgotten positive experiences and sleeping talents.
Those forgotten experiences contain emotional wounds that never healed or triggered persistent half-conscious convictions. Such wounds (“character traits”) only change when we understand how they were caused and why we have held on to them. Finding and reliving undigested experiences unlocks emotions and brings insight into how present complaints have their roots in those experiences.
You may experience your actual birth or prenatal time in the womb. Others trace their problems back to the influence of deceased family members or other presences. Sessions with mothers may heal babies.